Build a Mini Play Kitchen for your Young Chef

Load shedding or not, the young chef will still be able to present you with a Michelin star meal using this magical DIY kitchen.

Build Bird Boxes for your Garden

I never used to think about attracting birds to my garden, but over the years, I have established a friendship with the many different species of birds that nest in the garden and bathe in the bird bath.


DIY Fun Games for Kids This Spring

Here are some spring games that you can make with your tools and some scrap wood and the kids will have fun playing.


How to Make a Ball Drop for the Kids using PVC Pipe

With the cold weather hitting us, it is better that the kids play indoors, and this PVC pipe ball drop is a fun way to keep them occupied.


Crochet Farm and Jungle Animal Nursery Decor and Blankets

Having seen these adorable farm and jungle animals, I just had the share information on how you can easily make them, even if you are new to crochet.

Fabric Covered Storage Ideas for Children's Bedrooms

An inexpensive solution if you are looking for storage ideas for a children's bedroom, fabric-covered cardboard boxes make excellent storage containers.

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Quick Project: Make Rope Storage Baskets for Child's Bedroom

To make rope storage baskets all you need is a recycled plastic bottle or container, a large piece of cardboard and fabric and some rope.

Make A Kiddies Kitchen With An Old Bench

Re-purposing old furniture or furniture that you no longer have a use for is a fun way to use something you already have and turn it into something completely different... like our Kiddies Kitchen.

How to Make a Ring Toss for Family Fun

If you are looking for fun ways to fill the time during the holidays, this DIY ring toss game is quick and easy to make and fun for the entire family.

How to Build and Set up a Mud Kitchen

Forget about sandpits, mud kitchens are creating a lot of interest as a way for parents to teach their children about everyday life, recycling and are a great way to keep the kids occupied for hours - all while having fun.

Fun for Kids - Minions Bowling Game

The kids are at home and constantly moaning for something to do, so let them make these Minions bowling pins and set up a bowling alley in the garden or on the driveway.

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Quick Project: Children's Play Tent for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Keeping the kids occupied until the beginning of June is going to be a difficult task for parents but this fun play tent will keep them busy - either indoors or outdoors.


Paint Pebbles to Play Minions Tic-Tac-Toe Game

The kids will love this paint craft from makes and takes - pebbles are painted as Minions to play Tic-Tac-Toe.


DIY Kids Toy collection

New kiddies build-it-yourself range of toy sets - Construct different toys with Tork Craft’s Create and Learn DIY Kids Toy Collection.

Kids Craft: Pretty Paper Angels

Let the kids make these pretty paper angels to dress the family Christmas tree.


Quick Project: Keep the kids occupied with a game of Tic-Tac-Toe

This game of Tic-Tac-Toe is a simple project to set up outdoors in the garden and will keep the kids occupied for hours.

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Recycled Cardboard Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for ways to recycle cardboard and cardboard boxes, check out some of these crazy cool crafts for kids.


Adorable Pom Pom Easter Bunnies

Here's a fun craft that the kids can do over the holidays - these pom pom Easter Bunnies are cute and simple to make.


Pasta Crafts for Mom and Kids

Pasta is an inexpensive craft material that can be used in a variety of different ways and we've compiled a selection of pasta crafts that the kids will love.


Kids Project: Make a Bird Feeder

If your kids are wanting to try their hand at DIY, here's a project you can make with them and teach them a few tricks and how to use tools safely.


DIY Children's Play Tent

A great gift for a young child, or a wonderful way to occupy them in the holidays, make this DIY play tent.

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Cute bird feeder

Recycle yoghurt cartons into a cute bird feeder. This is a great project for young kids, with adult supervision.


DIY Kids make a Bug Box

This weekend the DIY Divas, sponsored by Bosch power tools, hosted a DIY Kids workshop for kids with special needs. At the workshop these children used a variety of hand and power tools to craft their own bug box and tool caddy!


Make Colourful Chalk Pops

These colourful Chalk Pops are a fun projects for the kids to make, and they will provide hours of fun in the sun.


Pull-along bunny

This adorable pull-along bunny is so easy to make using supplies that you will find at your local Builders, and will take about 30-minutes tops!


Creative Easel

Let your child express their creativity with this easy easel. The easel sits against a wall and has a handy tray for art supplies.

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Bottle top clocks

Use the plastic tops from cold drinks and food containers to make a unique timepiece for your home. This is a great craft idea for the kids too!

Consol Colouring in Jars

Have fun and indulge your inner child with this great innovation from Consol. Consol's Colouring in Jars are a fun and creative project that the whole family can enjoy.


Make a skateboard rack

Make this skateboard rack for your kids, or it's a great gift idea. We sprayed outs with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.

Personal wall art for kid's rooms

This project uses small blocks of SupaWood to create personalised wall art for a child's bedroom or nursery.

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Creative cardboard for kids

There was a time when play was simple. Children had hours of fun playing with nothing more than a cardboard box. We put together some creative ways to encourage kids to use their imagination with just a couple of cardboard boxes. Have fun!

Wooden play mobile

This simple wooden play mobile won't cost much to make and you can add colourful or interesting shapes, homemade toys or eye-catching items to keep your little one occupied.

Crafty Valentine's heart brooch

This crafty Valentine's heart brooch is so easy, the kids can make one for mom or for a sweetheart.


Valentine crafts for moms and kids

We put together a collection of fun crafts that moms and kids can do together for Valentine's Day.


Makeover mismatched accessories

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint is the most affordable and easiest way to turn mismatched accessories into the perfect complementary pieces for a little girl's bedroom.

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Dress up chest of drawers

Here's a fun way to dress up a plain chest of drawers using colourful Spraymate chalkboard spray paint.

How to make a water blob

For the past year or so the water blob has become the most affordable and easy way to add a new element of fun for the kids.

Make a teepee for indoors or outdoors

This fabric teepee is perfect for indoor or outdoor play.  In the summer months it will keep children out of the sun and also keep them occupied during the cooler months.

Educational blocks with chalkboard spray paint

Here's how you can use pine offcuts to craft an educational toy for a young child. These colourful chalkboard blocks can be used in so many ways.

Fingerprint Easter eggs - fun kids craft

I was trying to come up with ideas for Easter craft projects and finger painting came to mind. But then I thought about using fingerprints to paint fun designs onto eggs.

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Sandpit with seating and lid

Young children love a sandpit and can spend hours with a bucket and spade make sandcastles and having fun. This sandpit has a lid that can be easily placed over the top to keep out cats. It also doubles as a daybed when not used as a sandpit.

Giant chalk sticks for kids

Kids can have hours of fun with pavement chalk. They can use on a concrete patio or driveway, on the pavement in a safe area, or buy a can of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray and paint a section of wall, or board, where the kids can play.

Marble drop mine shaft

Here's a great holiday project where the kids can use their imagination and be creative when making this project.

Kids crafts for school holidays

I'm looking for fun and inexpensive crafts the kids can do on their own, or with a little help from mom. Making  racing cars using toilet roll tubes is just one of the projects and it will give you plenty of time to start collecting toilet roll tubes.

Old garden shed becomes children's playhouse

Having just demolished my old garden shed to make way for a veggie garden, this project that turns an old shed or garden hut into a children's playhouse struck me as a wonderful way to re-purpose a hut or shed rather than throw away.

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Angry birds key ring with modelling clay

The kids will enjoy making this angry birds key ring using modelling clay and it's a great craft idea for a Father's Day gift. You will find various types of modelling clay at craft and hobby shops.

Have fun with painted pebbles

Painted pebbles are a fun way for the whole family to get involved in crafting. It's also a crafty idea if you are looking to keep the kids occupied during school holidays.

Recycle old magazines into creative containers

Winter means the kids are going to be spending more time indoors, so we put together some easy-peasy crafts that the kids can do using old magazines.

Food colouring = Wood stain

Some of the wood stain colours that you find on the shelf these days are boring and old fashioned. Any easy way to make your own colourful wood stain is to use food colouring.

School holidays - Make an infinity scarf

Let the kids be creative this holiday season and make their own gifts. A hand printed infinity scarf costs little to make and looks stunning, and the kids can have fun learning new crafts and skills.

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DIY ideas for kid's rooms

Decorating a kiddies bedroom can be expensive when it comes to adding fun accessories, that's why we have put together a selection of DIY decor crafts and projects that you can do in a day (or on a weekend) to add colour and interest to any child's bedroom.

Cardboard tube wall storage for collectibles

I have some large cardboard tubes lying around and have been thinking of a way to put them to good use. Then I stumbled upon this simple project for using cardboard tubes to make a toy display shelf for a child's bedroom.

PVC pipe spray for hot summer fun

Found on instructables, this PVC pipe spray system will provide plenty of fun for kids during the school holidays, and will definitely cool them down when it's hot. You will find everything you need for this project in the garden section of your local Builders Warehouse.

Clever ideas for Montessori learning

If you are looking to assist your child in these areas, these wonderful learning kits can be bought - or made - to assist with activities.

Make a friendship bracelet

Young or not, these colourful friendship bracelets are fun and funky. You can wrap them with fabric, paint them or add colourful cotton stripes with embroidery thread. Make more than one and give them to your friends.

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Use leftover tiles to make a chalkboard

I like the idea of using leftover tiles from a project to make these easy chalkboards. The kids can use them for drawing, you can mount onto the wall as mini notice boards or as decor accessories. Grab a can of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint and let's get started...

Cosy wig-wam for winter play outdoors

Chilly days don't mean that kids have to stay indoors. This warm wig-wam will keep them warm and snug and still let them enjoy their outdoor fun during the cooler days of the season.

'Handy' crafts for Mother's Day

We thought it might be nice to put together a collection of 'handy' crafts for our DIY Kids for gifts they can make for Mother's Day. So we looked for crafts using your hands that you can easily make... with a little help from dad.

Colourful crayon wreath for wall decor

Although not originally designed for the purpose, I think this crayon wreath would make a perfect wall hanging for a nursery or child's bedroom. - and it won't cost a fortune to make.

Mother's Day rose bouquet

Here is a wonderful project that you can make for Mother's Day. These roses are made using polystyrene trays cut into petals and glued together. If you want to paint the polystyrene roses after you have made them, use craft paint.

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Fun and learning game for kids

Here's a fun way to keep young children occupied when you are busy - or they are bored - plus they can learn at the same time.

Make a rainbow clock with recycled materials

The kids will love to make this rainbow clock for their bedroom. The clock can be made out of stiff cardboard and other parts out of polystyrene container trays.

Plastic containers with zipper

Here are the instructions and a few creative ideas for turning plastic bottles into zipper storage containers. If the kids are bored on a weekend - this is a fun project to keep them occupied.

How to make wooden hopping toys

I cannot believe that I have found so many wooden toy projects - and just after Christmas to boot. These wooden hopping toys, movable wooden dinosaurs and ping-pong gun would make great gifts.

Wooden dinosaurs that move

Now that Christmas is over and you've had chance to discover just how expensive children's toys have become, here's a much cheaper alternative that kids will love to play with - and you can make them out of scraps of pine, MDF or plywood.

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Make a ping-pong ball gun

Here's an instructables project I came across that is ideal for boys aged 8 upwards. This simple wooden gun is designed to use ping-pong balls as ammunition.

DIY gift ideas you can make for kids

If you're stuck for gift ideas for small children, there are some truly amazing and wonderful projects on the Internet. Here are a few of my favourites that you can easily make as a gift for a young child.

Make angel wings for a little girl

If you're stuck for gift ideas for a little girl, grab some feathers or boa trim and make these angel wings. You will need a Dremel glue gun and clear glue sticks for this project.

Holiday crafts for teenagers

Teenagers are not as easily occupied as younger children. They need an incentive to get stuck in, so we've put together some crafts that they can make as gifts, or for their bedroom.

Holiday crafts for tweens

Children at primary school level need plenty of creative crafts during the holidays to prevent the boredom from creeping in. If you line up of selection of crafty projects they will not only be kept occupied, they will have lots of fun as well.

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Holiday crafts for preschoolers

Here's a selection of crafts for preschoolers that will keep them occupied during school holidays, especially if you have older kids at home during the holidays.

Dress up an old pair of takkies

Hey kids... don't throw out your old takkies - use Crayola Fabric Markers to add funky colours and fun designs.

Monster paper clips

Small pebbles or gemstones make really scary monsters that you can glue onto paper clips. Take them to school and the BIG kids will never touch your stuff again...!

Monster fridge magnets

If you are going doing to the coast for the year-end holidays, bring back some small beach pebbles and turn them into rock monster fridge magnets. You can post important notices on the fridge so you - or mom - won't forget...!

Cardboard tubes make great pencil holders

Instead of throwing out cardboard paper towel tubes, let the kids use them to create these wonderful pencil and crayon holders for their desk or bedroom.

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Make fashion jewellery with porcelain clay buttons

In this feature you will find out how to make your own buttons using cold porcelain clay, whether for sewing and decor crafts, or for creating your own unique button bracelets.

How to make colourful pom-poms

They're cute, they're cuddly and you can use pom-poms in so many ways. This one is courtesy of Mini Eco, and you simply must visit this website if you are looking for colourful ideas for paper projects.

Start a craze with poms!

These amusing birds are made body scrubbers that you will find at your local supermarket. Beads are threaded onto a piece of satin cord for legs. Funny eyes and a beak made from cardboard cones are glued on at the end with a glue gun.

Wheat grass project for kids

I really do like the wheat grass projects that keep popping up. This one is wonderful for kids to do and they get to be involved in recycling as well. Here's how to use tin cans to create wacky characters.

Cute little cardboard bird cages

Make your own cute this bird cages out of a recycled container, cardboard and coloured wrapping paper and then let them sit on a windowsill, shelf or cabinet to give your room a small splash of colour.

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Skipping rope from plastic bags

What young child doesn't love to skip, and you can easily recycle plastic shopping bags into a fun skipping rope and provide the kids with hours of fun.

Decorative coat hangers

Love this idea for prettying up wooden coat hangers. This is a wonderful idea for a little girl's nursery or bedroom, for having clothes on display.

Make a card for Father's Day

The card will stand proudly on a desk or bureau with the assistance of bent paper clips. The photographs, trimmed to show kids' faces, peek through the holes of the letters.

Make a toss-and-catch games

Here's a great idea to make a toss-and-catch game using some old milk containers for some indoor fun and energy-burning!

Make a card for Mother's Day

Here's an affordable way for you to make a great gift for Mother's Day. All you need is a hardcover exercise book that you can buy at your local supermarket, some wrapping paper and Mod Podge, or clear acrylic sealer.

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Glow in the dark jars

They may not be bright enough to light up a room, but these glow-in-the-dark glass jars will certainly create an unusual feature. Try them as a centrepiece for an evening meal with friends - they are sure to get conversation flowing!

How to make a box kite

This box kite design flies well in moderate winds. Run into the wind to launch the kite and add a tail to the spar where the line connects if it needs extra stability.

Use tin foil to decorate a box

It's a nice gift to make for someone you love, for a special day, or to keep for yourself.

Weaving for kids

Use a home made weaving loom to craft scarves, iPod and cellphone covers, hats, doll clothes and more. Use this weaving method to make gifts for Mother's Day. Ask around to see if anyone has any spare wool for you to use.

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Rocking cradle for baby doll

Mom, dad, granny or granddad - This is a rocking crib and it only took a couple of hours to make and then paint. It's not a difficult design, but does look lovely once finished.

Crown for a little princess

What little girl wouldn't like to own her very own princess crown. These simple and inexpensive crowns are easy to make using lace and homemade fabric stiffener.

Make a necklace with coloured pencils

You can make several different variations of this necklace and they only require a few basic tools. The pencils you probably already have at home and you simply chop a few centimetres from the end... if you do this neatly then they will be none the wiser!

Make these quick and easy play tents

I have always been fond of the fabric teepee tents seen in catalogs but thought a 'pup' tent would be a little more fitting for our 'camping' theme. Coming in at just under R30 per tent, these little pretend play structures are sure to provide hours of make believe fun!

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Rainy days activity centre

School holidays are great fun - when you've got plenty to do. But when you start getting bored it's time to look at new things to do. These rainy day activity sticks will provide you with plenty of ways to keep occupied.

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Recycled tin stationery holder

I love designing projects out of empty tin cans. This is one of my favourites. Use tin cans to make a stationery holder for your bedroom. Paint it in colours that match your bedroom and then put in on your desk or a craft table.

Farm animal money box

Recycle plastic bottles into cute farm animal money boxes. A 2 litre oil bottle works best - the top is large enough for all coin sizes.

Make a bowling alley

Now you can invite your friends around for a game of 6 pin bowling with your very own bowling alley.

Travel tray

Next time you climb in the car for a long trip, take along your very own Travel Tray and have lots of fun along the way!

Rocket wall clock

This project is for our budding DIY Kids, or for mom or dad. Make a rocket wall clock for a boy's bedroom.

Teach kids about power tool safety

Teaching power tool safety to children is essential for preventing accidents. Even if your son or daughter shows no interest they will still need to learn how to protect themselves while other people are using power tools.

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CD Photo Frames

Recycle CD cases into frames that you can hang on your walls or place on shelves in your bedroom.

CD Disco Ball

Make a dazzling disco ball for your bedroom with old CDs. Be sure to check with mom or dad before you cut up any CD's.

CD Desk Calendar

Make your own desk calendar every year and pop it into a CD holder.

Emergency Kit

With mom's help you can make this gift for your dad: for his birthday, for Father's Day or as a Christmas gift. Fill it up with essentials for dad to keep in his car.

Decorative Photo Frames

Transform old photo frames with a glue gun. Ask mom or dad for their help to set everything up.

Make your own play dough

You only need flour and a few other items to make your own play dough.

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