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Pasta Crafts for Mom and Kids

Pasta is an inexpensive craft material that can be used in a variety of different ways and we've compiled a selection of pasta crafts that the kids will love.


If you have some tins left over from Christmas, these cookie tins look absolutely adorable once they are painted in bright colours and embellished with pasta. Grab some acrylic craft paint and assorted pasta shapes and get crafting. To stick the pasta shapes onto the tin you can use craft glue or a hot glue gun. If you choose the latter, let mom or dad glue the items down for you.

Here's a fun way to get crafty with pasta, paint and items destined to be tossed in the trash. These adorable planters are made using small plastic or ceramic bowls and glasses and some bowtie and assorted pasta shapes. Glue the pasta onto the bowls and glasses using craft glue or a hot glue gun and paint in your choice of colour.





How adorable are these cutie little plaster and pasta snails. The kids can make them with plasticine or air-dry clay and paint the pasta shells in their favourite colours. This is just one idea using pasta to create interesting creatures, let the kids come up with their own ideas.

Don't you just love these pretty birdhouses. The kids can get as messy and creative as they want to make their own pretty birdhouses to hang on the wall. Just be sure to put down plenty of newspaper to contain the mess!



What little girl wouldn't like to make her own Little Mermaid wreath. This project uses baby clam shells and assorted pasta shapes to craft the wreath. Secure the pasta shapes onto a foam or cardboard ring with a hot glue gun.

Here's a wonderful idea for a Mother's Day gift that the kids can make. Kids can have lots of fun arranging interesting pasta shapes on recycled margarine tubs or food containers. Shop for interesting pasta shapes that can be glued onto containers and then painted with acrylic craft paint or spray paint.



See the link below the image to view a step-by-step video tutorial to make your own decorative Easter egg using pasta. You can use a variety of pasta shapes to make these colourful Easter eggs and it's a fun project for kids of all ages.

Look how colourful this pasta shell wreath turned out. This wreath is glued onto a pool noodle formed into a circular shape for the wreath. An assortment of pasta shells were painted with acrylic craft paint in rainbow colours to create an eye-catching wreath for a front door.


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