Porcelain clay buttons and jewellery

Up until recently I had never heard of cold porcelain, but this is an inexpensive, non-toxic, and easy-to-work-with material. Despite its name it is not porcelain. It does not require heating since it gets hard by exposure to fresh air.



Some of the beautiful handmade crafts you can make with cold porcelain.

In this feature you will find out how to make your own buttons, whether for sewing and decor crafts, or for creating your own unique button bracelets.


Cold Porcelain (Get the tutorial here)
Rolling pin
A sharp paring knife
Mini cookie cutters (optional)




1. Shape a small piece of cold porcelain into a cube. The cube should be the approximate size of the item that you want to make.

2. Flatten out your cube by carefully pressing down on it. Finish flattening it out with your rolling pin.

3. Cut off the edges with your knife to make the square sharper and round off the corners by pressing softly on them.

4. If you have mini cookie cutters, use the dull side to gently press on your cold porcelain as shown above. If you don't have mini cutters you can improvise with any square object that can leave an indention.

5. Using a toothpick, make the holes on your button : Make sure that the toothpick goes completely through so you can see through the wholes. This is very important because when cold porcelain dries it shrinks and you don't want your holes to be too small.