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Crafts for teenagers

Teenagers are not as easily occupied as younger children. They need an incentive to get stuck in, so we've put together some crafts that they can make as gifts, or for their bedroom.

Over at crafts by amanda you can re-purpose old CDs into practical and colourful coasters. Paint on your design, or use ModPodge (clear acrylic sealer) and wrapping paper to decorate your coasters.

Teens can create their own unique works of art with nothing more than a piece of board, some panel pins and colourful thread. String art is easy and fun to do, and they can design their own artwork.

If there is some string left over, what about making decorative lights for their bedroom.





You will find great craft ideas at crafts by amanda, and I just love this photo frame that is decorated with fabric scraps from old clothes.

Making your own jewellery with paper is something any teenager will enjoy - and you will only need plenty of coloured or wrapping paper to keep them occupied for hours.

And there are so many other creative paper crafts.

Quilling is another paper craft your teenager might enjoy.

Let your teen make their own clay for crafting bracelets, earrings and other decor and fashion accessories.

Bored teens can easily discover how easy it is to make their own decor accessories and furniture. There are plenty of beginner DIY projects for them to try, like this block headboard or shoe storage rack [below].