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A place to hang your shoes!

Now this is one great idea for storing all your shoes, so they don't get spoilt, are easy to get to, and are on display so that you can drool over them as often as you like!




I stumbled across this post by Janet over at Using nothing more than polystyrene moulding, she has designed the perfect storage solution for the shoeaholic.









You will find a varied selection of polystyrene crown moulding at your local Builders Warehouse and you can use No More Nails to attach the moulding to the wall. Wait for the specified curing time before painting in your choice of colour and hanging up you shoes.



If you want to hang lots of shoes, or perhaps a coat hanger or two, I would recommend that you use pine moulding instead, and screw this to the wall with wall plugs/anchors and screws rather than using glue.

If you want more of the same, you can buy Janet Lee's book, Living in a nutshell, via