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Make your own paper beads

I'm not much of a jewellery person, but when I do wear jewellery I like to go over the top and really wear lots of it. The idea of being able to make my own really big, bold and colourful jewellery is exciting and I can't wait to get started on my first pair of paper bead earrings! Click here for more ideas for jewellery with buttons and beads.


Paper: wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, thin fabric, magazine pages, etc
Sharp craft knife and cutting mat
Mod Podge
Rust-Oleum spray varnish - gloss
Old paintbrush, small
Cloths to wipe us the inevitable mess
Craft glue, or any glue that dries clear
A drying stand – a container or box slightly narrower than the toothpicks

Follow these instructions by Mirian at madmin and find out how to make your own paper beads.






Cut your paper into long strips that taper to a point at one end. Start off with a width of around 2cm for a round bead and 3 to 4cm for a long bead. You can use any paper for your strips. I cut from magazine ads.

Start rolling a strip at the wide around a toothpick. You can use anything here, just as long as it’s pretty slender.

Keep rolling until you reach the very tip and then add a dab of glue. Wind the last bit of paper around the bead and hold until it stays. I usually rolled two beads per toothpick, and rolled all my beads to this point before I applied mod podge.

Coat the beads in Mod Podge, and lay on top of a container to support the edges of the toothpick, so that they can dry. Recoat after a good 4-8 hours. Or don’t wait that long, I won’t judge you. I then took my tray loaded with toothpicks outside and sprayed (two coats) of Rust-Oleum polyurethane spray varnish. I had semi-gloss, and wished I had high gloss. The more shine the better I say.