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Wonderful ways to craft with paper

I come across so many great websites as I browse the Internet and see so many wonderful ideas. Here are some creative ideas that cost hardly anything for a result that is unique and fun.

Quilling, the coiling and shaping of narrow paper strips to create a design, has been around for years — hundreds, in fact. During the Renaissance, nuns and monks would roll gold-gilded paper remnants trimmed during the bookmaking process, and use them to decorate religious objects as an alternative to costly gold filigree. Quilling later became a pastime of 18th and 19th century young ladies in England, who would decorate tea caddies and pieces of furniture with paper filigree.





As you become more adept at quilling you will realise that you are only limited by your imagination, as these design show.

With the quilling technique you can not only create your own art, but also use to embellish scrapbook pages, make up gift cards and gift tags, or even design your own range for sale.

At The Other Design Studio they use quilling to create photo frames, gift boxes, notepads and other items - each decorated with a delicate quilled design.