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Wonderful ways to craft with paper

I come across so many great websites as I browse the Internet and see so many wonderful ideas. Here are some creative ideas that cost hardly anything for a result that is unique and fun.

Over at Little Bit Funky, paint swatches are cut out using a star- or floral-shaped punch to create a garland of rainbow shades that looks perfect when combined with children's artwork. It's also a fun way to dress up parties without spending a fortune on ready-made decor.

The cut out swatches are sewn together in a line - with as many rows as you like - to be hung up for a party, in a nursery, outdoors for a special occasion - or anywhere else you can think of.



Over at Made, Dana used paper napkins to make these large paper flowers for hanging on a wall. They are very easy to make and add a lovely touch to any sort of Celebration or even your day-to-day decor. I think this is a very easy and affordable way to add a touch of spring to a home.

Simply by folding and wrapping your paper napkins and then trimming the edge, you can easily create any colour combination of paper flowers to match your room decor. You will find detailed instructions on how to make your own paper flowers on her website.

Tracey Bush is a British artist who works with paper. Her work is featured in many National and International collections including the Tate Gallery Library, the Yale Centre for British Art, and the Jaffe Collection at Florida Atlantic University. Tracey Bush's artworks have been featured in many magazines including Elle Decoration, Grazia Casa, Garageland magazine, the Sunday Times Style Magazine, Living Etc and Time Out.

Add some spring colour to your home with these paper rosettes by creative jewish mom. Similar in design to the pinwheel table decor shown below, these flowers are also made by folding and cutting colourful card and then joining together with a hot glue gun.

While the pink rosette flowers were made by cutting petal shapes at the ends before assembling, the blue rosettes were made with paper that was just a bit too small, so I cut notches in every other fold after the rosettes were assembled.

Tamsin Cunningham hand makes her own paper and then dyes to any colour desired. Once the paper has dried, she then uses different cutting techniques to create new surfaces and textures.

These colourful pinwheels by green wedding shoes are made by folding and cutting the paper and then using a hot glue gun to join together and hold in shape. The original idea for these paper pinwheels is for a wedding table, but I think you could make them and use them anywhere you want. They add a splash of colour as a table centrepiece.