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Rainy day activity sticks

School holidays are great fun - when you've got plenty to do. But when you start getting bored it's time to look at new things to do. These rainy day activity sticks will provide you with plenty of ways to keep occupied.


Clean tin
Scrapbook or wrapping paper
Wooden craft sticks
Spray adhesive
Hot glue gun
Alphabet stickers
Print out of 30+ activities
Acrylic craft paint and paintbrush






1. Start off by painting all your craft sticks in a different colour and then put these aside to dry.

2. Use a hot glue gun to carefully stick ribbons and trim onto your tin can. Be extra careful when using a hot glue gun - the glue gets VERY hot. Have a silicone mat to rest the glue gun on when not in use, so that glue will not drip onto surfaces and cause damage.

3. You can decorate your tin with all different kinds of embellishments that make it look pretty. For the label, ask mom (or dad) to print something out on the printer that you can stick onto the tin.

4. Ask mom (or dad) to print out small labels with different activities to do. Cut these out and then glue them onto the top of each of your craft sticks. You need to use your imagination to think of fun activities that you can do.