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Make these quick and easy play tents

 I have always been fond of the fabric teepee tents seen in catalogs but thought a 'pup' tent would be a little more fitting for our 'camping' theme. Coming in at just under R30 per tent, these little pretend play structures are sure to provide hours of make believe fun! via By Stephanie Lynn



4 of 1200mm pine planks
3 of 1500mm pine planks
35mm wood screws
Wood glue
Drill/Driver with assorted bits
Tape measure
Pencil Coloured flat sheet
Staple gun






On the four 1200mm pieces, make a 22.5 degree angle cut using a mitre saw. {this only needs to be done to one end of each piece} Sand the rough edges of each cut piece.

Screw the pieces together with 35mm wood screws. You will have to do this step twice; one triangle for the front of the tent and the other for the back. The other three 1200mm pieces will provide support for the tent frame. First, stand the triangle pieces vertical and place one of the 1500mm pieces flat across the top. {this will lay flat on top the cut angled pieces}. The other two 1200mm pieces go in-between the two triangle shapes, one on each side. Attach on the inside, 150mm up from the bottom. Attach all pieces using wood glue and wood screws. It is important to use good wood glue prior to nailing, as it really helps to keep the tent frames stable.

The bottom pieces of the frame can also be angled to sit flat on the ground. I bypassed this step as we originally were just going to use these as temporary structures for the party. They work fine either way, however for a more finished look this can certainly be done. To cover the frames you will need one single flat sheet. You can find inexpensive cotton sheets, like the one shown above, in an array of colors at most home stores. Attach the sheets to the outside of the frame using a staple gun. No cuts will need to be made and the edges of the fabric will already be nicely hemmed.