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Pretty coat hangers

Love this idea from Pysselbolaget in Sweden for prettying up wooden coat hangers. This is a wonderful idea for a little girl's nursery or bedroom, for having clothes on display.



Wooden coat hangers
Decorative fabric trim
Colourful yarn
Glue gun or bostik clear glue Acrylic craft paint






Use a hot glue gun to apply small blobs of glue along the coat hanger to stick down your trim. Only work with one blob at a time so that the glue does not cool and set before you have time to put the next section down. When using a hot glue gun keep your fingers away from the hot glue.

Unscrew the hanger so that you can add pom-poms or felt balls and then screw the hanger back in tightly.

To decorate your coat hanger you can also use craft paint in different colours, or colourful plastic beads.