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Fun and learning game for kids

Here's a fun way to keep young children occupied when you are busy - or they are bored - plus they can learn at the same time. Make this game with to let your child learn about colours, shapes, numbers or letters of the alphabet.


Thick card
Coloured paper
5cm hole punch or sharp scissors
ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer






Cut the card into squares of 6cm. The thicker the card the longer it will last, or you could use 3mm masonite board or SupaWood.

Use a hole punch to cut out your circles. I used a 5cm punch. Cut two circles for each colour. You can find a hole punch at most craft, hobby or scrapbooking supply stores, or use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out your own shapes.

Using a paint brush, give one side of the card square a light and even coat of mod podge. Stick one paper circle in the centre and press down. Use your finger to press out any air bubbles. Repeat with remaining pieces and let dry completely. Once dry, recoat with mod podge and let dry about 3-4 more times. If you do really thin coats, it dries really fast. If the coat is too heavy when you start, the paper will start to warp.

Depending on the age of your children, you can modify this memory game to include colours, shapes, numbers or letters of the alphabet. It's a fun way to keep the kids occupied when you're busy - and a great way to learn at the same time.