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Potato printed infinity scarf

Let the kids be creative this holiday season and make their own gifts. A hand printed infinity scarf costs little to make and looks stunning, and the kids can have fun learning new crafts and skills.


Craft Knife and cutting mat
Craft acrylic paint
Small foam paint roller
Wax paper (to use as your palette)
Newspaper (to protect your surface)






1. To make the infinity scarf fold your t-shirt in half down the centre from top to bottom. Fold in half again in the same way. You now have a t-shirt folded in quarters.

2. Cut off the bottom edging and top section of the t-shirt. You only want the straight, centre piece of the t-shirt for the infinity scarf.

3. Place the cardboard inside the fabric so that the paint doesn't leak onto other parts while you are working.

4. Cut your potato in half and dab on kitchen paper to dry the surface. Draw your shapes and then carefully cut out with a craft knife. Simple shapes are easier to carve and your mom or dad can help with more difficult shapes..

5. Use a paint roller to apply a small amount of paint to the cut design on your potato.

6. Press the potato stamp firmly onto your scarf and then lift up and stamp again

7. Continue rolling paint onto your potato stencil and pressing onto the fabric.

8. Let the painted side dry and then stamp the other side.

Choose paint colours that go well together. Make up a variety of patterned potato stamps to vary the design on your hand printed infinity scarf. Finish off by stretching the material so that the edges curl up.