Make an infinity scarf from t-shirt

You can make an infinity scarf from a t-shirt, or you can use any fabric that has stretch. After seeing how easy it is to make an infinity scarf you'll be chopping up old t-shirts and shopping for fabric scraps to make for yourself and your friends!




You can use any stretchy fabric to make an infinity scarf - I'm using a stretchy top that has paint spots all over the front. Cut off the top and bottom sections of your t-shirt.



The larger the t-shirt or top - the better, as you will have more fabric to wrap. If you are making an infinity scarf using bought fabric, you will cut the fabric into two strips of 30cm wide by about 80cm long. Sides facing together, sew both ends of the fabric to make a circular strip.





Stretch the fabric as much as you can to curl up the edges. This hides the cut edges nicely.





You now have a long piece of circular fabric as shown left. My fabric wasn't 30cm wide and didn't give enough bulk, so experiment with fabric no less that 30cm wide, or more if you want a really bulky infinity scarf.





Wrap the infinity scarf twice around your neck, or more if you make a longer scarf. And that's how easy it is to make an infinity scarf. Take a look at the gorgeous examples of infinity scarves shown here. These are available on Etsy and are made using a wonderful selection of stretch fabrics.