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Decorative photo frame

Photographs are a wonderful way of holding onto precious memories, so why not make a pretty accessorised photo frame to hold a family photograph. Gift it to the person concerned, or simply display it in your bedroom!


You will need:

Dremel® Glue Gun 930 and 7mm clear glue
Photo frame with flat surface (either wood, leather or fabric)
Flowers or other suitable embellishments


Here's how:

First of all, select a frame with a flat surface. We’ve used an 18cm x 13cm wood frame but a leather or fabric frame in just about any size would be suitable as well. Ask your mom if she has any old photo frames that you can decorate. Simply adapt the number of flowers used for decoration according to the size of your frame.

Safety First: The Dremel Glue Gun has a dual-temperature setting. Make sure that the setting is on low and that you are using a silicone mat, or a mat that will protect your working surface. The glue gets very hot, so keep you fingers out of the way.


Step 1

Start the project by using the Dremel Glue Gun and clear glue to fix a flower or embellishment of your choice in each corner of the frame.  Using a Dremel Glue Gun means that you can create your photo frame with minimum mess and fuss. It offers high quality and insightful product design and its advanced features make at home projects easy and fun.

Step 2

Position a flower or embellishment in the centre of each side and glue in place.

Step 3

Glue two more flowers at the top and bottom of the frame and four more flowers at the sides. Glue a button in the middle of alternate flowers.

If you are gifting it, why not put in a lovely photo of the person you are giving it to or the two of you together so it can take pride of place on their mantlepiece, by their bed or on their desk at work.


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