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Kids water spray with PVC pipe

Some time back we features a PVC pipe spray system for hot summer fun for kids.


This PVC pipe spray system has evolved into a great way for kids to play outdoors on their bikes. If you fit misters onto the PVC pipe, very little water is used, as these force out a pressurised mist .

Found on instructables, this PVC pipe spray system will provide plenty of fun for kids during the school holidays, and will definitely cool them down when it's hot. You will find everything you need for this project in the garden section of your local Builders Warehouse.

You can refer to the original instructions here to make both spray systems and all you need is lengths of 50mm diameter PVC pipe, connectors and misters. It's important to use misters rather than sprinkler heads, as they release far less water, and with increasing water restrictions, getting the most out of the water you use is a good thing.