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Rose bouquet with polystyrene trays

Here is a wonderful project that you can make for Mother's Day. These roses are made using polystyrene trays cut into petals and glued together. If you want to paint the polystyrene roses after you have made them, use craft paint.



Polystyrene trays
Glue gun
Wood skewers






Cut out petal sections from the sloped sides of the polystyrene tray with the tapered part of the petal positioned on the flat part of the tray - this will give you a petal that stands up naturally. You can also cut large petals from the corners of the polystyrene tray.

You don't need to mark as you cut - the pieces don't have to be accurate and it looks more natural if your petals are of different shapes and sizes. Make some petals slightly smaller for the inner layer of the rose.

Use a glue gun to stick together 4 petals to start the base of the rose. To make the central bud of the rose, cut diamond shaped petals centred on the junction of the sloping and flat part - this will give you a lovely curved shape.

Glue the diamond-shaped petals in the centre of the rose - squeeze them together tightly for a neat bud shape. Continue adding petals between the centre bud and bottom layer of petals until your rose is finished.

Use wood skewers as stems and push firmly into the base of the polystyrene rose. These roses were wrapped with silk rose leaves and wire.