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Fun for Kids - Minions Bowling Game

The kids are at home and constantly moaning for something to do, so let them make these Minions bowling pins and set up a bowling alley in the garden or on the driveway.


This fun bowling game is an easy project for the kids to do on their own and they also get to recycle plastic bottles at the same time. With nothing to do and constantly bored, here's a fun way to teach the kids about recycling and also have a bit of fun in the process.








Plastic cold drink bottles, washed and dried

Yellow and blue spray paint or acrylic craft paint


Prestik or glue dots

Craft scissors

Black permanent marker

PC printer to print out the glasses below, click on image to enlarge









The kids can easily get stuck into this project on their own. Make sure to clean out the plastic cold drink bottles and dry them thoroughly before painting.


2. Use spray paint or acrylic craft paint to cover the plastic bottles from top to bottom - including  the caps - with yellow paint at the top and blue paint at the bottom.



3. Use your printer to print out the glasses for the eyes. These can then be cut out with scissors.








4. Use a piece of Prestik or a glue dot to stick the glasses to the front of the bottle.



5. Secure the glasses to the back of the plastic bottle with sellotape.



6. With a black permanent marker pen, draw on the mouth shapes and you're finished!



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