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Makeover mismatched accessories for a pretty pink girl's bedroom

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint is the most affordable and easiest way to turn mismatched accessories into the perfect complementary pieces for a little girl's bedroom.



Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint (gloss or satin) in your choice of colour

120-grit sandpaper

Clean, lint-free cloths







It's so easy to transform almost anything using Rust-Oleum spray paint. As long as the item is clean and dry, and given a light sanding beforehand, you can turn mismatched accessories (and furniture) into complementary pieces to create the perfect bedroom decor.

Whatever item you are spraying should be clean and dry. It's also a good idea to prep items with a light sanding before you paint. This will ensure a strong bond between the existing surface and the paint finish.

Take pieces outdoors, or spray in a well ventilated area. Put down plenty of newspaper or cardboard to cover your work surface and protect from overspray.

Apply light, even coats to the surface. always allowing each coat time to dry before spraying on any additional coats.

Don't hold the spray can too close. The recommended distance is 30cm from the surface and this will prevent overspraying that results in drips and runs.


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