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How to Make a Ball Drop for the Kids using PVC Pipe

With the cold weather hitting us, it is better that the kids play indoors, and this PVC pipe ball drop is a fun way to keep them occupied.






Keeping the kids occupied at home when the weather is chilly can be difficult for parents and especially with hyperactive kids running around with nothing to do. This ball-drop game is a great way to keep the kids occupied and they can play indoors or outdoors.



The ball drop pipes are made using PVC pipe and fittings that you can purchase at any Builders store, and they are spray-painted in bright colours before being mounted on a backing board. With a couple of hangers on the back, you can make this game to be mounted on a wall indoors or you can take it outdoors when the weather is warmer.










4 of PVC pipe, 110mm diameter cut to the length required

PVC assorted fittings for the pipe

8 of PVC pipe brackets and screws

Plywood or SupaWood for the backing board (have cut to size at Builders)

2 of picture hangers and screws

Rust-Oleum 2X or Spraymate spray paint in your choice of colours

180-grit sanding paper

Masking tape

White or coloured plastic balls (coloured are better for this game below)




Drill plus assorted drill bits

Jigsaw, Dremel DSM20, mitre saw or handsaw

Tape measure and marker

Safety gear









Step 1

Measure and cut the PVC pipes to length. The length should be shorter than the height of the backing board. Clean the pipes to remove any markings and then lightly sand with 180-grit sanding paper. The sanding paper will roughen up the surface slightly to prepare it to accept the spray paint.



Step 2

Spray the PVC pine, fittings, and brackets. Hold the spray can approximate 30cm away and only apply a light coat. Let this coat dry completely before spraying on a second, and possibly, third coat.





Step 3

Assemble the sections to complete the frame and screw together the bottom pieces that serve to collect the balls. Paint this to finish off before mounting the PVC pipe assemblies onto the board and hanging onto a wall.







To Play


Ball Drop Game - Option 1

Hand each player has an equal number of similarly coloured balls that he or she will play with. Use masking tape to make a mark approximately 2 metres away from the board where the players must stand. Each player has to drop their respective coloured balls into the pipes. The game finishes when the first player has used up all their balls and the one that has the most coloured balls in the tray over a set amount of time is the winner.



Ball Drop Game - Option 2

Another way to play this game is for the players to stand 1 metre away from the board. Place a strip of masking tape on the floor that all players must stand behind. The players then throw their coloured balls into the respective pipes. Again, the one with the most balls in the tray over a specified time is the winner.





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