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Rocket wall clock

This project is for our budding DIY Kids, or for mom or dad. Our DIY kids can ask mom or dad to help cut out this rocket clock for your bedroom and then finish it off yourself.


You will need:

12mm supawood 500 x 500mm
Clock mechanism and hands - from hobby shops
Craft paint in blue, red, yellow and white
Drill/Driver and 8mm wood bit
Rust-Oleum paint pen - white

Here's how:

1. Draw out the design of the rocket wall clock onto the piece of supawood with a pencil.

2. Use a paintbrush to paint your rocket wall clock in bright colours. We used blue, red, yellow and white for our rocket clock

3. Paint carefully and stay within the lines so that your clock will look nice once it's finished.

4. You can use a CD to draw a circle in the in the centre of the clock. Also make a mark at the centre of the CD, so that you know where to mount the clock parts.

5. Mark all the clock numbers with a pencil and then use a Rust-Oleum paint pen to paint on the numbers. They need to be reasonably accurate so that you can tell the time properly. Mom or dad can help you with this.

6. For this step you need to use a Drill/Driver and an 8mm wood bit to drill a hole where you marked the centre.

If you have never used a drill before, let mom or dad do this step for you.

7. Push the clock mechanism through the back of the hole, fasten the little nut on the front to hold in place and then push on the hands.

Enlarge 2X and cut out the shape with a jigsaw.


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