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CD Photo Frames 

Create picture frames with bits and pieces you have lying around your house? We always seem to have empty CD boxes lying around and these are easily made into photo frames of friends, or your favourite TV cartoon heroes. 


You will need:

Empty CD cases
Pair of scissors
Craft glue
Stickers, wrapping paper and other fun accessories

Here's how:

Gather all your supplies together. To decorate your CD photo frames you can use stickers, buttons and bows, scraps of wrapping paper, magazine pages - anything you like.

Remove the cover pictures from the CD case and give it a clean in some warm, soapy water. Dry with a clean cloth. If you have any difficulty in removing the back image, ask mom or dad for help.

Use the scissors to cut your images to fit nicely inside the front cover of the frame. This is where you will add any accessories to dress up your frame.

Use craft glue to attach fun accessories to dress up your new photo frames. Glitter glue is a fun way to add words and designs, cut ribbons for a decorative trim, and use wrapping paper scraps to fill in any blank spaces.


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