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Coloured pencil necklace

What a cute idea. DesignMom uses ordinary coloured pencils to create this pretty one-of-a-kind necklace.


You can make several different variations of this necklace and they only require a few basic tools. The pencils you probably already have at home and you simply chop a few centimetres from the end…if you do this neatly then they will be none the wiser!! The results really do look great and you, or your child, will definitely stand out from the crowd wearing them!


Coloured Pencils
Junior hacksaw
Fine sandpaper
Drill and small drill bit
Thread (for the necklace)






1. For the basic necklace you will need to begin by making your beads. You can use either hexagonal or round crayons. The beads I cut were 7mm long. To cut your beads use a small, sharp, hacksaw blade. Take your time when cutting the pencils and try not to apply too much pressure…that way you are less likely to chip the paint off the outside.

2 & 3. Don’t worry if the cut surface of your beads look a bit scruffy…all they need is a quick rub with some sandpaper. I found it easier to lay the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the bead along it.

4. Now drill a hole in the side of each bead using a small drill bit. Make sure you place a scrap piece of wood underneath. It’s not a good idea to get holes in the kitchen table!

5. Once you have cut a number of beads simply string them onto a length of thread…job done!