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Make a rainbow clock with recycled materials

The kids will love to make this rainbow clock for their bedroom. The clock can be made out of stiff cardboard and other parts out of polystyrene container trays. Not only can kids start learning the time, they can also discover more about recycling.


12 ice cream sticks
1 clock movement from an old clock or bought
Stiff cardboard or recycle polystyrene trays
Craft paint and paintbrush
Bostik clear glue
Polyfilla interior crack filler






Cut twelve numbers out of polystyrene container trays. These are the trays that normally hold veggies that mom buys at the supermarket. Make sure all the circles are the same size. Draw clock numbers on each circle.

If you are using craft paint to paint the clock numbers, pour some paint into a small container and add a little bit of powdered Polyfilla. This will help the paint to stick to the polystyrene.

Paint your sticks in the same colours that you use for the clock numbers and then glue them on to the clock back. Once the glue has dried, you can glue on the clock numbers at the end of each stick. Ask mom or dad to make a hole in the centre of your clock.

Mount the clock movement and hands. If mom doesn't have an old clock that you can take apart, you can buy these at a craft or hobby shop. Most clock movements have a little hanger on them for wall mounting, or glue on your own hanger to mount on your bedroom wall.