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How to Make a Ring Toss for Family Fun

If you are looking for fun ways to fill the time during the holidays, this DIY ring toss game is quick and easy to make and fun for the entire family.



Finding activities to fill the time during the holidays, especially if you didn't get to go away for a holiday this year, is easy with this DIY ring toss game. It will only take you around an hour tops to make using scrap wood and a few accessories and will keep the entire family - or the kids - occupied for hours.



2 of pine cut to lengths approx. 800mm

5 of pine or meranti dowels cut to lengths 300mm

Duct tape


Craft paint or spray paint


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Spade bit, same diameter as the dowels


Sander plus 120-grit sanding pads

Multitool or hammer and wood chisel

Tape measure and pencil

Safety gear









1. Cut the pine and the dowels to the required lengths as indicated above. The pine pieces for the base should be 800mm long and the dowels 300mm in length, but you can vary this according to your own designs for this ring toss game.



2. Sand away all the rough edges.



3. Use a multitool or hammer and chisel to create the lap joints where the [2] pine pieces overlap each other in the centre. measure and mark 50mm wide x 50mm long at the centre of both planks and cut this away on both pieces, keeping in mind how the pieces overlap.








4. Test fit the [2] pine pieces to ensure they fit together snug and tight or make any adjustments using your sander.



5. Now you are ready to drill the holes that will hold the dowel uprights. Using a suitably sized spade bit (or MAD bit), and starting at the centre, drill to a depth of 25mm for all the holes you want for your ring toss game. You can drill 4 holes for the ring toss game shown in this project, or add more as shown in the images at the bottom of this page. It all depends on how the ages of those playing the game. More dowel uprights and more numbering options increase the fun for older children and grown-ups.



6. Add the numbers to each point / dowel upright in the game. You can paint these by hand or use a numbering stencil and spray paint.



7. Use craft paint or spray paint to bring some colour into the game, or you can leave as is.



8. Finally, time to make the rope rings. Cut 400mm lengths of rope to make the rope circles and join these together at the ends by wrapping duct tape around the join.







GOOD TO KNOW: For this project, we haven't glued any of the pieces together to make it easier to pack the game away when not in use. If you prefer to glue all the pieces in place with waterproof wood glue.


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To make the ring toss game more of a challenge for older kids or grown-ups, add more dowels and increase the numbering score options.




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