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Farm Animal Money Bank

Recycle plastic bottles into cute farm animal money boxes. A 2 litre oil bottle works best - the top is large enough for all coin sizes.


You will need:

Empty plastic bottles - a 2 litre oil bottles works best
8mm dowels
4 large steel washers
Contact adhesive
.Rust-Oleum 2X spray - pink and white

Here's how:

1. Cut up the bottle

Cut off the top section of the bottle. If the bottle has grooves in the design, use these as a guide.

You need to have a top and bottom section. You can leave the bottle uncut, but it might be a bit too long to balance on the legs. Push the top section into the bottom section until it fits tightly. If you can't get it to fit, use wide, clear sellotape to hold the sections together.

2. Make holes for the legs

Ask mom or dad to use a sharp knife to cut 'X' slits so that you can push in the legs.

3. Glue on legs

Push the legs gently into the slits and then place a blob of glue around the legs to hold them in place. Pop a steel washer over the legs and onto the glue to make it look nice.

4. Spray paint your animals

We used Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint for our animals. The pig we sprayed with light pink and our cow was sprayed white. Take the bottles outside and place them on newspaper when spraying.

5. Decorate and finish

Decorate your farm animal money box with self-adhesive foam shapes, cut out for nostrils, ears and horns. We had some stick-on eyes, but you can also use self-adheisve foam or craft paint and a paintbrush.


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