How to make a simple wooden play mobile

This simple wooden play mobile won't cost much to make and you can add colourful or interesting shapes, homemade toys or eye-catching items to keep your little one occupied.


4 of 10 or 20mm thick x 44mm wide x 740mm long pine

1 of 12mm dowel, 600mm long

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

13mm spade bit

Bamboo toothpicks

Wood glue

4 wooden beads and roll of string

240-grit sandpaper

Tape measure and pencil

Mitre box and saw or mitre saw

Find what you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.


1. Cut a 30-degree angle at the top of bottom of the 4 legs. These will ensure that the play frame sits flat on the floor. To cut the angles you can use a mitre box and saw, or a mitre saw. 

2. On all legs (top and bottom) measure down 130mm and mark the centre (22mm). This will determine where to drill the holes for the dowel and the string line. 

3. Use a 13mm spade bit to drill a hole at the top in all four legs. Place a wood offcut underneath where you are cutting for a neatly drilled hole on all sides. 

4. Cut the dowel to 600mm length, or longer if required. 10mm in from both ends drill a small hole with a 1.5mm bit.

5. Place the dowel through the holes on the legs, making sure the legs are facing in the correct direction, and push a bamboo toothpick tightly into the drilled hole. Dab on a drop of two of wood glue to make sure the toothpick stays put and then trim away the excess. 

6. At the bottom 130mm centre mark, drill a 3mm hole. Tie one wooden bead to the end of a length of string, thread through the front of a hole in one leg, and through the back in the second leg. Repeat for the other side. Thread a wooden bead and tie off to create a string holder the both sides.

Now all that's left to do is to add eye-catching and interesting toys to keep your little one occupied. Make sure to hang these out of reach.