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Fabric Covered Storage Ideas for Children's Bedrooms

An inexpensive solution if you are looking for storage ideas for a children's bedroom, fabric-covered cardboard boxes make excellent storage containers.




Upcycling cardboard boxes into storage containers is an inexpensive and practical way to provide extra storage space and children's bedrooms or playrooms need as much space as they can get. Small cars and dolls, Lego blocks, stuffed animals and all kinds of toys need a place that's off the floor and packed away neatly, and upcycling corrugated cardboard boxes is the ideal solution and one where you can make as many as you need.



All you need to do is to make a cubby of a size that is large enough to accommodate whatever size cardboard boxes you will be using for this project. Making the cubby should be no problem for anyone with basic DIY skills and you can buy everything you need at your local Builders store, whether you want to make it with 16mm SupaWood painted in a suitable colour, use laminated pine shelving that can be painted or stained, or use a product such as MelaWood that already has a laminated finish on both sides.








The corrugated cardboard boxes need to be of a sturdy design that won't fall apart easily, such as the Typek paper boxes. You can add extra reinforcing by adding duct tape around the seams and corners. You get to choose the fabric for wrapping the boxes as well as any embellishments you want to add, such as felt cutouts, pompoms (as shown in the image at the top of this page), or any other type of design.







How to Make Fabric Covered Storage Boxes


• Source the boxes

The first thing you are going to need is the boxes. Typek paper storage boxes are the ideal size for storage containers and if you work in an office, or know someone who works in any office, you can probably get your hands on these for nothing. While cardboard is already a sustainable material, what better way to use this than to make something else with it. Alternatively, be on the lookout for boxes of a similar size that you can use.





• Purchase the materials you need

There are a few supplies you will need to make the fabric wrapped storage containers:

Cardboard boxes

Duct tape for extra reinforcing

Olfa fabric cutter or craft knife and cutting mat

Sprayable adhesive

Your choice of fabric for wrapping the cardboard boxes

OPTIONAL: ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer


• Wrap the cardboard boxes




Step 1

Start with a piece of fabric large enough to wrap the box - with a 50mm flap on one side for folding over the corners, and a 20mm flap on the top for folding inside the box. Trim the fabric as per the diagram above, making sure to allow the 50mm and 20mm flaps - or more if you prefer.


Step 2

Cover the outside of the box and the fabric with sprayable adhesive. Let this dry for the recommended time. Fold the 50mm flap over the corner.  Add some sprayable adhesive along the inside top to stick down the flap of fabric that goes over the top and inside the box.



Stick the fabric at the centre of the box panel and then smooth your hands towards the edges to smooth out any air bubbles and press the fabric onto the box sides for a firm bond.









Step 3

Continue to stick down the remaining sides and corner flaps. Go over the wrapped sides a few times to make sure there are no air bubbles and that the sides and edges are firmly stuck to the box.


Optional: After making the cardboard storage containers and wrapping them in fabric, if you want to add protection to the fabric finish and make it easy to keep clean, add several coats of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer to the fabric wrapped sections.







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