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Wheat grass projects for kids

I really do like the wheat grass projects that keep popping up. This one is wonderful for kids to do and they get to be involved in recycling as well. Delia creates used tin cans to create her own wacky characters for her kids.


I just took some tin cans, removed the labels, and pounded some holes in the bottoms. I used a screwdriver and a hammer. We use only the best tools around here. :) It is best to hammer the holes on a stable area that can absorb the shock of the hammer blows, such as carpet or the grass outside.





I try to hang onto scraps of felt for projects such as these. So that is where my 'recycled' felt is coming from. We also used a hot glue gun {not pictured}. We used pieces of cut out of a plastic sour cream lid for the eyes, twisty ties for my guys' glasses. It was fun to play around with the possibilities. We used the shoes from our Mr. Potato Head set. Not recycled but close enough. The shoes help them look more complete and they allow the water to drain from the bottom more easily when you water their hair.

Some pipe cleaners were twisted into shapes for the arms and hands.

Once we got our guys looking how we wanted, we gave them some nice green, grassy hair. Take your 'rug' of wheat grass out of the tray... take some heavy duty scissors and snip the grass into can size chunks. Plunk them into the cans and ta da! - hair.

 For my can which was taller, I took a sour cream lid, cut it in half and shoved both pieces into the base. This elevated the grass so you could see it better and it still allows water to drain. Just soak it with water once per day.

Let the excess water drain out and set it back on those cute little shoes. The crazy thing is that the hair keeps growing! In fact, our guys are due for another hair cut pretty soon here. The fun just keeps on going!