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Make a Bowling Alley

Now you can invite your friends around for a game of 6 pin bowling with your very own bowling alley. Let mom or dad cut out the frame while you decorate the recycled plastic bottles for the pins.

You will need:

Empty plastic bottles
Foam stick-on ebmellishments
Rust-Oleum spray for plastic - red and blue
Rust-Oleum 2X spray - yellow
Rubber ball

Here's how:

1. Spray the bottles

Make sure the bottles are dry and then place them on a stick or pole so that you can spray them outdoors. Shake the can well.

Spray on two very light coats of Rust-Oleum Plastic spray and let this dry. Don't spray on too much paint or it will become runny.

2. Spray the caps

Spray the bottle caps in a different colour - we used a bright red. Put them on a piece of newspaper outdoors to spray them and let them dry before you screw the caps onto the bottles.

3. Make the frame

Let mom or dad make the frame for you out of 12mm SupaWood, BisonBord or Plywood. Once it's finished, the frame is sprayed with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in a bright yellow. Put down newspaper and spray the frame outdoors with very light coats of spray paint.

4. Add your stick-ons

You can use any shape or colour for the stick-ons. We used foam stars on the our plastic bottles and on the frame. The best place the put your bowling alley is in a long passage, or somewhere out of the way where you can play.

Now you're ready to invite all your friends around to play!


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