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Kids fun Travel Tray

Next time you climb in the car for a long trip, take along your very own Travel Tray and have lots of fun along the way! You can use your travel tray as a table for colouring in pictures, as a race track, as a chalkboard, or as a mini scrabble game.


You will need:

Baking tray - ask mom if she has an old one you can use
Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray
Magnetic alphabet
Toy cars

Here's how:

1. Make sure the baking tray is nice and clean before you take outdoors to spray. Put it on some newspaper so that you don't mess.

2. Shake the can of chalkboard paint for a minute or two so that it is mixed well. Stand back and hold your hand 30cm away from the tray - the same distance as the length of a ruler - and only spray lightly onto the tray. If you spray too much it becomes runny and sticky and the paint will not dry properly.

3. Let the first coat dry completely and then apply another light spray of paint.

Use your travel tray as a convenient table for when you are travelling in the car. Have some colouring-in pictures and crayons handy so that you can make your own pictures.

Use different chalk in different colours to draw a race track on your travel tray. Make sure you take along your favourite small cars so that you can drive and race on the car race track.

Your travel tray has a chalkboard finish, so you can use chalk to draw as many pictures as you like. Take along a slightly damp cloth in a small plastic bag so that you can clean your board.

If you have some magnetic alphabet or numbers you can play word games, or add and subtraction. You can even use the letter to make up a scrabble game where you and your brother or sister and 10 letters each and have to make up a word.


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