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Toy shelf for children's bedroom

I have some large cardboard tubes lying around and have been thinking of a way to put them to good use. Then I stumbled upon this simple project for using cardboard tubes to make a toy display shelf for a child's bedroom. With the school holidays coming up, this is also a great project for the kids to do for themselves.


All you need for this project is a cardboard tube, some colourful patterned paper, PVA or craft glue, a tube of contact adhesive (sticky dots work well too), a craft knife and some spare time.





Use a sharp craft knife to cut the cardboard tube into sections. On each section apply a layer of PVA or craft glue and then cover with colourful patterned paper. Make sure the edges are stuck down.

After covering all the tube sections, glue these together with a bead of contact adhesive. Have some pegs or paperclips handy to hold the sections together until the glue has dried.

This is what the completed arrangement should look like. You can add as many sections as you like, or make up sets of sections, to create a wonderful way for a young child to display their special figurines, cars or small collectibles.