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Kids Project: Make a Bird Feeder

If your kids are wanting to try their hand at DIY, here's a project you can make with them and teach them a few tricks and how to use tools safely.


Teach your kids the value of DIY with this project that you can make with them. This bird feeder will attract birds to your garden and entertain and delight children. Plus, it's easy to make with a few supplies from your local Builders store. Fill the bird feeder with wild bird seed and hang on a tree branch or sit on top of a wall and watch the birds flock to feed!


1 of 176 x 300mm - back

1 of 220 x 200mm - base

2 of 22 x 22 x 280mm - sides

1 of 22 x 22 x 176mm - crosspiece

Pine dowel, 6mm diameter x 260mm length

35mm screws [8]

Piece of galvanised tin, cut to fit

Recycled plastic bottle, cut to fit

6mm bolt and domed nut



Cordless screwdriver or drill / driver plus assorted bits

Hammer and panel pins

Tape measure and pencil







1. Attach the base to the back with [2] 35mm screws through the base. Show your child how to drill a pilot hole to make assembly easier.

2. Before assembling the bottom frame, drill [2] 6mm holes through the ends of the side pieces 20mm in from the front edge. This is for mounting the dowel perch. Insert a piece of 6mm dowel through the drilled holes.

3. Secure the crosspiece in place with a hammer and panel pins (or 35mm screws).

4. Secure the frame to the back piece with 35mm screws.

5. Drill a 6mm hole through the back for mounting the circlip. Also drill a 6mm hole in the centre back of the circlip. Push the bolt through the hole.

6. Place the circlip on the bolt and add the domed nut to finish off.

7. Cut your recycled plastic bottle to fit and mount in the circlip.

8. Cut a piece of galvanised tin for the roof and secure with 35mm screws into the angled back sections.



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