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Plastic storage containers with zipper

You've seen them all over the Internet and I have been promising to make a few of these zipper containers made from plastic bottles, but still haven't found the time to get round to it, so in the meantime here are the instructions and a few creative ideas for turning plastic bottles into zipper storage containers. If the kids are bored on a weekend - this is a fun project to keep them occupied.


These cute zipper storage containers were designed by zitta schnitt some time ago and many variations of this design have popped up. The one featured here is on instructables and is simple to make. The kids can use them to take snacks to school, or to store small items and accessories.


2 bottoms from a plastic bottle
Zip long enough to fit all the way around
Needle and nylon line
Bostik clear glue





Glue the zipper around the inside of the top and bottom sections to join them together. Let the glue dry overnight. I prefer to add a few stitches around the top of the zip using a needle and nylon line - it gives it that extra bit of strength.

If you want to add details, you can glue on paper eyes, or googly eyes and more.