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Crafts for tweens

Children at primary school level need plenty of creative crafts during the holidays to prevent the boredom from creeping in. After the first week parents become tired of hearing, I'm bored - What can I do? If you line up of selection of crafty projects they will not only be kept occupied, they will have lots of fun as well.

Great idea from crafts by amanda. Cut up old t-shirts and tops to make these colourful bracelets. Click here to find out how to make your own t-shirt yarn (parnl).

Salt dough is a cheap alternative to clay and the kids can spend some time making their own Xmas decorations for the tree. Click here for the recipe on Momtastic.

Also from crafts by amanda. Use fabric or paper doilies to dress up recycled glass jars. Ask mom to put aside some jars for you. Stick the design onto the jar with Bostik or Alcolin spray adhesive.

Weaving is a fun way to make accessories and it's great for improving motor skills as well. A cereal box and some coloured wool are all that is needed for this project, and they will soon want to try something a bit more challenging, like our weaving projects in the Craft section.





You won't lose your page with these nifty bookmarks made from ice-cream sticks. Find instructions on crafts by amanda and all you need are some ice-cream sticks, craft paint and a fineline permanent marker to make your own bookmarks.

Recycle tin cans into bright colourful pen and pencil holders for your desk or study area thanks to crafts by amanda, or use cardboard tubes - wrap them in colourful thread and decorate with small embellishments to use as pen and pencil holders.

At this age, kids will enjoy learning how to sew. This simple rag quilt is ideal as a first project and they can choose fabric scraps to match their bedroom decor.

Recycling projects cost almost nothing and children will learn more about the importance of recycling. This skipping rope is made from plastic bags and the retro robots below reuse tin cans and household items.

Another recycling project is to use CD covers as picture frames for their desk.