Crochet Farm and Jungle Animal Nursery Decor and Blankets

Having seen these adorable farm and jungle animals, I just had the share information on how you can easily make them, even if you are new to crochet.




How adorable are these farm and jungle animals? As soon as I saw the feature on Instagram, I knew I had to share the details, especially since you can purchase the patterns for these adorable animals.

It is not easy to find the perfect nursery decor and it is sometimes better to make your own if you have the right skills. Sewing, knitting and crochet are the three most popular ways of making accessories for a personalised nursery and these adorable cuddly animals are just one example of how you can make unique and custom decor accessories for a gender-neutral nursery - and in any colour.





I found these farm and jungle animals on and you can purchase the patterns online to download in PDF format. On this website, you will also find basic crochet instructions for those who haven't done any crochet in the past. Learning to crochet is not at all difficult and once you master the basic stitches, you can move on to more difficult projects. The price for the PDF crochet pattern is around R100, and this is still far cheaper than trying to source ready-made decor for the nursery.




If you love knitting or sewing, you will certainly enjoy crochet, even if you just learn it to make this animal collection. And if you don't think you can master the technique, perhaps you know someone who can make them for you.





The farmhouse collection of cuddly toys and blankets includes a sheep blanket, as shown above, a moo cow and a pig. Because you will be making these, you can choose the colours you want for your nursery.

All the farm and jungle animals are not just for decoration, they are also a kiddies-sized blanket that can be used in the cot, in the playpen or when you go out. Select a yarn that is easy to care for and washable so that keeping the animals clean will not be a problem.




Moo cow and sheep blankets that fit over the side of the cot when not in use.





The PDF crochet patterns are easy to follow, and the pattern includes 3 head variations as well as a picture chart and full instructions in both metric and imperial measurements. The pattern format is simply written and easily understood and intended to guide you through every step in the process, including more than a few tips and tricks.





Each farm or jungle animal can be used as a toy or rolled out as a cuddly blanket that will keep your little one warm and comfortable. Most definitely a space-saver, the blanket easily folds up to revert into a cuddly toy.









If you are planning to attend a baby shower in the future or want to present the perfect gift for new parents, these 2-in-1 toy blankets are the perfect gift.




What many refer to as crochet is also called Amigurumi, which is the process of making 3D items and toys. The techniques are the same for both crochet and amugurumi, but the latter focuses on miniature stuffed animals.



Download the farm and jungle animal 2-in-1 blanket and toy @





The pattern format is simply written and easily understood and intended to guide you through every step in the process, including more than a few tips and tricks.





How do you start with crochet?

As with learning how to knit or sew, it is always better to start off with small projects that help you master the various basic stitches. If you want to move to the next level, go online to find articles or videos that will show you how to do more advanced stitches. Like knitting, crochet uses yarn, wool or string to make items. Instead of using two knitting needles, you use a single crochet hook.



There are only 3 items you need to start with crochet: Crochet Hook, Scissors and Wool or Yarn.







Once you have learnt the art of crochet, there are hundreds of sites online where you can download patterns for making a host of home and decor accessories. You will be able to make bags, items of clothing, soft toys and even soft decor for the home such as cushion covers, lap blankets and so on.



Many find crochet to be easier than knitting and the stitches are far less likely to come loose.





If anyone suffers from arthritis, it is good to know that both knitting and crochet offer exercise that keeps stiff joints mobile. For those looking for a hobby to take 'time out' of a hectic lifestyle, crochet is a perfect way to ease stress and relax.









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