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Dress up an old pair of takkies

Hey kids... don't throw out your old takkies - use Crayola Fabric Markers to add funky colours and fun designs.


Fabric glue
Crayola fabric pens
Fabric scraps
Paint brushes






1. Clean your shoes before starting and make sure they are completely dry.

2. Use a fabric marker to start adding colour to different areas of the shoes. Add a few polka dots for interest.

3. Use a black fabric marker to outline the polka dots and anything else you want to outline. You can also use a black fabric market to add accent designs here and there if you like.

4. Use fabric glue to attach strips of fabric to the tongues of your takkies. Don't stick down the edges, you want these to continue to fray over time. The tongues could also be painted, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this fabulous fabric!