Painted Pebbles = Rock Monster Fridge Magnets

If you are going doing to the coast for the year-end holidays, bring back some small beach pebbles and turn them into rock monster fridge magnets. You can post important notices on the fridge so you - or mom - won't forget...!







Smooth pebbles

Craft paints

Medium sized and small paint brushes

Small Magnets

Strong glue

Fine tipped black permanent marker pen












We painted 2 coats on each side of the pebbles (allowing drying time between coats) for a nice deep coloured shiny finish. If you are using craft paint and want a shiny finish, you can apply a coat of clear acrylic sealer once you have finished.

This is where your fine marker pen comes in verrrryy handy. Draw or paint a monster expression on your pebbles - remembering to leave some space for their eyes. Let your imagination run wild a lil' bit, or just copy some of our expressions (below). I like the toothy grins best. This blue one at the bottom looks a bit like my own little monster who has just lost a front tooth!




We opted for googly eyes to give our rock monsters a little bit of character, but you could paint some eyes if you prefer. You can buy googly eyes at craft and hobby shops. Glue the eyes, one two and even 3!, onto the pebbles with really strong glue.









So now you have your cute looking pebbles all painted, it's onto the magnets. You need strong magnets to hold the pebbles and strong glue for this job, as it obviously needs a really secure hold to prevent ripping the magnet from the pebble when moving it around the fridge. I stuck 2 magnets to some of the bigger, heavier stones, just to be sure they wouldn't slip down the fridge with the weight.




If you are going to glue 2 magnets side by side, make sure first that you have them facing the right way to 'attract to one another and not 'repel' one another. Ask mom or dad if you are not sure how to do this.