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Start a craze with poms

These amusing birds are made body scrubbers that you will find at your local supermarket. Beads are threaded onto a piece of satin cord for legs. Funny eyes and a beak made from cardboard cones are glued on at the end with a glue gun.

It's best to use a Dremel glue gun for this project, as it has a low and high setting, and the low setting won't burn your fingers as easily if you touch it.

Thread about 15 to 20 beads onto a cord and tie a knot at both ends. Leave about 1 centimetre of cord in the middle.

Now insert the cord with the beads (the legs) and tighten the cord. Make a knot at the top of the cord so that you can hang your pom.

Use a glue gun to stick on eyes and noses. You can roll up old toilet roll tubes for beaks and use buttons for eyes. Carefully stick these onto your pom.


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