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Clever ideas for Montessori learning

With it's founding principle of independence, freedom and each child's limitations, Montessori education allows learners to study concepts from working with directly with materials, rather than by instruction. And while activities are initially presented by the teacher, materials used in Montessori learning usually involve practical skills such as pouring and spooning to develop fine motor skills, maths, and concept


If you are looking to assist your child in these areas, these wonderful learning kits can be bought - or made - to assist with activities.

An easy way to incorporate colours and numbers into learning... This wonderful Lady Bug Learning set teaches colours, numbers, comparisons, counting, recognition, order and sorting - all in one. The designer has incorporated countless ways to play and learn with this delightful little bugs and felt flower colour wheel.

Any little Montessori learner can practice fine motor skills while engaging cognitive development and building mathematical skills.

If you don't want to order from overseas, grab your sewing machine, some colourful felt and DAS air-dry clay to make your own kit.

This Rainbow Bowl set with allow your little chef’s imagination to grow as they scoop, pour, transfer, and sort. Designed to encourage a deeper understanding of early colour concepts and physics while building dexterity, fine motor skills, and coordination.





Kids will play and learn with this colourful ball and cup set. Great for enhancing fine motor skills and balance while discussing colours, numbers, and simple volume concepts. The toy also provides many other ways to play – tea party, kitchen play - and encourage imagination.

Build fine motor skills with these little Chick-a-Dees. Each little yellow felt birdie comes with a nest filled with 5 eggs to protect and count. The chick-a-dees can be used for pretend play, hide ‘n seek bird watching, colour recognition and learning about wildlife - where they live, what they eat, why they build nests, how eggs hatch, how they are cared for, and more.