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Crown for a little princess

What little girl wouldn't like to own her very own princess crown. In this project Jenn Eriskson shows how easy it is to make a princess crown using lace and homemade fabric stiffener.



1/2 metre of thick lace
Fabric Stiffener (or see recipe below to make your own)
Small bowl
Tacky Glue
Poster board
Sewing pin
Gold or silver metallic paint
Rubber gloves
Paint brush
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Vintage jewelry, rhinestones, beads, etc







Step 1
Cut a piece of poster board to the right size. It needs to fit nicely on top of the head. Roll the posterboard in to a tube and secure with sellotape. To prevent the lace from sticking to the board, wrap with clingwrap.

Step 2
Cut the lace to the same size and place in the bowl of fabric stiffener (see below) or follow the instructions for a bought product.

Mix equal amounts of craft glue and water in a bowl. If you need the mixture a little stronger - or stiffer - add more glue.

Step 3
Remove lace from bowl, allowing excess to gently drip back in to the bowl. Wrap the wet lace around the base of the poster board form. Use a sewing pin to hold the overlapping ends of lace together. Let this dry overnight and then remove from the form. You may need to peel off the clingwrap.

Step 4
Wearing rubber gloves to keep your hands clean, paint the crown, inside and out. Do not be surprised when the crown goes soft with the application of the wet paint. It will stiffen, harder than ever, when it dries. If you need to, place the crown back on the form until the paint has dried.

Step 5
When crown is dry, attach bits of glitz and finery with a hot glue gun.  I used bits of broken vintage jewellery that I dismantled with the help of tin snips.

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