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Cardboard and wire bird cages

Make your own cute this bird cages out of a recycled container, cardboard and coloured wrapping paper and then let them sit on a windowsill, shelf or cabinet to give your room a small splash of colour.


Start off with a cardboard base - a melrose cheese or laughing cow cheese wedge box is perfect for this. Fold your wrapping paper in half and glue one side to the cheese wedge container.

This is what the bottom of your bird cage will look like after you have stuck down the wrapping paper.

Now you need to use a pair of scissors to cut thin strips that are half a centimetre wide and 30cm long. You need to cut 8 strips in total. Working with one strip at a time, use a glue dot to attach one end to the side of the cage, bend over and attach the other side to the cage. As you add more card strips, use a glue dot at the centre as well - where the strips overlap.





Cut your little birdies out of a piece of card and use a craft knife to make a slit in each bird. Be very careful when using the knife, or ask mom or dad to do this for you. Don't make the slit too big, it only needs to be long enough to fit in the wings below.

Fold a piece of coloured card for the wings. It is nice to use a different colour for the wings if you are making more than one bird. Make sure that you card is nicely folded and then slip this through the cut in the side of your bird. Use a glue dot to attach a small piece of card for the eyes.

Make a hole and thread through a length of string to hang your bird and then gently put your little bird inside the cage. A small bead on your string helps to add more weight so that you little birdie sit nicely in the cage.