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Kids Crafts - Toilet roll racing cars

The December school holidays are not far away and parents are going to be looking for ways to keep the kids occupied. I'm going to be looking for fun and inexpensive crafts that the kids can do on their own, or with a little help from mom or day, to keep them busy. Making  racing cars using toilet roll tubes is just one of the projects and it will give you plenty of time to start collecting toilet roll tubes.

For painting the racing cars you will need a selection of colourful craft paints. Your local Builders Warehouse stocks a selection of acrylic craft paints in assorted colours, as well as inexpensive paintbrushes. You will also need a tube or two of glue.

Put down plenty of newspaper on the work surface, so that you don't have to worry about mess and clean up once the kids have finished painting their projects. The wheels and steering wheel for the racing cars are cut out of a separate piece of card. You can use cereal boxes for this

Paint the cut out wheels and steering wheel with black and white craft paint.





Cut out an opening in the tubes and glue the steering wheel on one side. Glue the wheels onto the sides of each car. Now the kids are ready to race each other.