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Recycled CD Disco Ball

Cut up CDs to make a disco ball for your bedroom. Hang from a light so that it reflects and glitters as it swings around.


You will need:

CDs no longer being used - check with mom or dad
Polystyrene or foam ball
Small tube of No More Nails glue
Length of thin wire
Small length of string
Sharp craft scissors
Pair of gloves
Safety goggles or glasses


Put on your gloves and safety goggles. These will protect you from any plastic splinters when you cut the CD into small pieces with a pair of scissors. Don’t worry about them all being the same size—disco has no rules! Save smaller scraps to fill in any holes.

Push the piece of wire into the ball, make a loop at one end so that you can use this to hang up. Put a small blob of glue onto the back of the pieces and start placing them around the ball. Loop the other end of the string so you can hang it when you’re done.

Thread a piece of string through the loop and ask mom or dad to hang up your new disco ball. Now that you have made one - you can make as many as you like!


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