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Kids Craft: Pretty Paper Angels

Let the kids make these pretty paper angels to dress the family Christmas tree.


The body for the pretty paper angels is made from decorative paper or thicker wrapping paper while the hair is made from thin string. Buy a pack of paper doilies for the wings.






1. Download and print out the template for the main body of the paper angel. Transfer the body shaper onto the back side of your wrapping paper. Have some plain, white card handy for the head section of your angel. Cut these out with craft scissors, following the lines for neat edges.







2. To assemble the paper angel,  roll and glue the wrapping paper into a cone shape and use craft glue or glue stick to join the ends of the cone together. You can also use glue to secure the head and the doily wings onto the cone body.

3. Cut the string into short lengths for the hair and wrap this around the head of the paper angel. Secure the string at one end and fold the hair over the head shape. Staple or hot glue in place before trimming the ends. Finish your pretty paper angel with a pipe cleaner halo.



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