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Kids art with tin foil

I have a roll of aluminium tape in my cupboard and tried to come up with projects using this tape, or even tin foil.



Tin foil* or roll of aluminium tape
Cardboard box - any size or shape
Thick paint or glue in squeeze container

*If you are using tin foil you will also need Bostik spray adhesive. Aluminium tape that you buy at Builders Warehouse is self-adhesive and wonderful to work with.






Use the squeeze paint and glue to draw your design onto the cardboard box. Start with the top for now. You need to let this dry properly before you squeeze onto any other areas. It will need to dry overnight.

I chose an owl for my box, because I like owls, but you can paint any design you want onto your box. Think Mother's Day and draw flowers or something that your mom likes.

Tear off strips of aluminium tape that are long enough to cover the sides and top of the box. Peel off the backing, starting at one end, as you slowly stick down over the design. Rub a finger over the tape as you stick to remove any air bubbles. If you are using tin foil, spray the box with Bostik spray adhesive before applying the foil to the lid sides and top.

Here is what the finished box looks like. I like mine so much that I am going to hang it on the wall. It's a nice gift to make for someone you love, for a special day, or to keep for yourself.