How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Indoors or Out

Ceiling fans are a useful fixtures in the home as they help you keep cool on warm summer days, and outdoor fans can also keep bugs away from your covered porch or patio.


Build a Concrete Paver Patio on Your Own

It is easy to make mistakes when pouring concrete for a single slab but with this concrete paver patio, you can get excellent results, a long-life patio and a mistake-free installation.


Is It Too Late to Restore My Deck?

Keeping up with the annual maintenance of a wooden deck is not only expensive but also time-consuming and yet there are easier and affordable solutions that you can use.


Improve Property Value and Enhance your Lifestyle with an Outdoor Kitchen

There are many improvements that can add value to a property and incorporating an outdoor kitchen is one such improvement and also want that enhances your lifestyle.


Ideas for a Covered Patio or Entertainment Area

Autumn and winter are the best times of the year to plan for home improvement projects and particularly outdoor projects such as building a covered patio or entertainment area.


How To Build A Louvered Roof

In this project, we show you how to build your own louvered roof yourself.

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Tips on Decorating Outdoor Areas with Area Rugs

This article discusses tips on decorating your outdoor areas with area rugs and selecting the perfect rug for your space.


The Many Uses for a High Pressure Washer

With everyone finding ways to use our natural resources more efficiently, investing in a high pressure washer makes a lot of sense and here is why.


Tips for Refreshing Exterior Floors and Paving

Take advantage of the Builders Promotion on exterior paint to refresh your outdoor floors and paving.

How do I choose the right outdoor tiles?

With so many colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from, it’s important to take your time narrowing down the options until you find the perfect tile for your project.

Essentials for Outdoor Decorating for the Holidays

Whether you love spending time outdoors over the December holidays or are planning festive celebrations in your garden, make sure you have everything you need to host a memorable event.

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Patio Ideas and Inspiration for Summer Living

The best time to start planning and building your outdoor dream patio is before summer gets into full swing and you want to spend time outdoors.

Prepare Your Outdoors For Summer Living

While it might be winter, now is the best time to start making plans if you want to set up a patio or entertainment area outdoors.

How Safe Is Your Deck?

If you haven't inspected the structure of your deck for some time, it's time to do it now before it becomes a safety hazard for you and your family.

Don't Let Outdoor Furniture Fade Or Rot In Our Extreme Climate

Outdoor or patio furniture is not designed to last forever, but you can extend the lifespan by taking proper care of it.

Build a Year-Round Outdoor Area

With everyone spending more time at home these days, we look at a few ways to build an outdoor area for your-round entertaining.

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How to Make a Retractable Patio Canopy

If you plan on building or installing a pergola or carport frame for a patio or entertainment area, this retractable canopy is just the thing to provide shade when you need it.

Dress Up your Outdoors with Paint and Stencils

We all want our outdoor spaces to look just as pretty as indoors, and paint and stencils is an easy and affordable way to add some style to your patio or porch.

Great Do-It-Yourself patio ideas

We spend a lot of our time outdoors, so it makes sense to design an outdoor space - a patio - that provides everything we need for spending time in the garden relaxing or entertaining friends and family.

How Much will it Cost for a Paved Patio?

We recently turned a small courtyard garden into an entertainment area with concrete paving slabs and share how this was done and the cost.

Create an Inner City Oasis

Living on the outskirts or inside city limits might be convenient for getting to work and back, but you also need to put some time and effort into designing an oasis.

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Tips On Preparing Your Garden For Concrete Patios

When you have a concrete patio, you’ll be able to enjoy a brand-new space with your friends and family, perfect for celebrations and weekend BBQs.

Plan and Build a Deck

The cooler months of the year are a great time to get stuck in and build a deck and finish it for the summer.

Pave your outdoors with Porcelain Pavers

Whether you set your patio and paths on grass, gravel and stone or on a cement base, porcelain pavers allow you to design your outdoor spaces as you would your indoor living areas.

Stop Cushions from Blowing in the Wind

We have some pretty gusty winds lately, and if your patio cushions end up in the pool - or next door - here's a quick fix to solve the problem.

Add an all-purpose outdoor area to your home

If you're planning on adding an extension to your home to take advantage of the garden, look at adding a space where the whole family can spend time together.

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Beautiful Sunrooms and Garden Rooms

Having the space for a dedicated sunroom or garden room allows you to take advantage of our beautiful weather all year round.

Patio paved to perfection!

Savannah of Classy Clutter transformed her concrete slab patio with paving bricks and the transformation is amazing.

Are your outdoors ready for summer?

Temperatures are rising and we are spending more time outdoors in the garden - is yours ready for the summer?

Give garden furniture some TLC

Our South African climate can be harsh on garden furniture - any type of furniture - and there will come a time when your garden furniture needs tender loving care to make it look good again.

Design an outdoor room

Designing an outdoor room is the perfect way to spend more time outdoors during the Spring and Summer seasons.

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Time to maintain your deck

Winter (if it's dry) is the perfect time to get outdoors and restore your deck for the year ahead.

Quick Tip: Warm Up The Patio

South Africans spend a lot of time outdoors - even in winter, so use these tips to add warmth to a patio or deck.

Garden To Enjoy

Summer is in full swing and the days are long and hot. Your garden is the most important 'room' in your home during the spring and summer months. It's where you can create the perfect outdoor living space.

Essential tools for building a deck

If you're thinking of building a deck during the holidays, here are two essential tools you need to get the job done right.

Festive Garden

Add a little magic to your garden for the festive season, or simply to add a little glow to your outdoor entertaining areas.

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Keep Mozzies Away!

Summer means spending lots of time outdoors. It's also when uninvited guests like mozzies and flies like to crash the party. Here are some tried and tested remedies to keep bugs at bay.

A deck doesn't have to be expensive

South Africans are warming up to the beauty of outdoor decks as an alternative to other materials. A beautiful wooden deck adds another level of natural texture to any outdoor space.

Create the perfect balcony patio

The perfect patio takes planning with a clear idea of what you'll use the space for. Here are a few tips to design a patio that will be perfect for family brunches, an afternoon with friends, or a heart-to-heart on cool evenings.

How to clean patio cushions

Not all cushions for patio furniture are fitted with a zip that allows for easy cleaning. Here's a way to refresh the cushions for your patio furniture to have them clean for summer.

Buying a braai

September is Braai Month, and if you're looking to buy a new braai, here are some tips on choosing the right braai for at home or away.

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Ideas for garden lighting

Summer is almost here, and we offer some tips on lighting up the garden for security, safety and entertainment.

Timber decking done right

While timber decking is most often associated with leisure and entertainment, and considered a complement to a larger structure, the importance of correct deck building is not always fully appreciated.

Before you buy garden furniture...

Garden furniture might look the same, and you may be tempted to buy based on price, but here are some things you need to know before you buy.

Beautiful Outdoor Rooms

With spring on the horizon, it soon going to be that time of year when the days are long and the weather is warm and we spend a lot of time outdoors in the garden.

Tips to maintain Outdoor Furniture

Before you know it, summer will be upon us and you will be spending more time outdoors. Now is the time to do any maintenance to make sure your outdoor furniture is protected against the elements - rain or sun!

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Time for Woodoc

When your outdoor furniture is starting to lose it's shine and the rainy season has taken a hiatus, it's time to grab a can of Woodoc and protect and nourish outdoor furniture.

Stoep gets a makeover

See how a Victorian stoep gets a colourful and much-needed makeover with a few cans of paint.

Hang a shade sail

The past couple of summers have definitely been getting hotter, and at a cost of around R500, a shade sail is one of the cheapest and easiest DIY solutions for shade in a garden.

Reclaimed pallet daybed

Use cheap (or free) reclaimed wood pallets to make a comfortable daybed for your patio or garden.

Make a shady cabana for the garden

Use PVC pipe to create a shady cabana for the garden and spend more time relaxing outdoors.

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Build a shady pergola

If you get cracking now, there's still time to build a pergola for outdoor entertaining. Plant a fast growing creeper and you will soon have a shady spot to sit and relax.

Casual outdoor entertaining

Turn that boring braai into a wonderful casual entertainment area where you can sit and relax and enjoy meals with family and friends.

Retreat from the hot sun

As the days get hotter and the sun becomes even more dangerous, building a wooden pergola makes perfect sense.

Paving paint on concrete and cement paving

Continuing with my winter maintenance projects, it has been almost two years since I paved the outdoor patio area in my garden. Using Prominent Paints paving paint, the area now looks ready for summer entertaining.

Quick Project: Colourful patio furniture

Add some colour to your patio furniture with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and refresh your outdoor space.

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Build a thatch lapa

Thatch lapas are a popular choice for adding a covered entertainment or extra living space to outdoor areas. The natural insulating properties of thatch create a structure that is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Beat the heat in a shady garden

The summer heat wave continues unabated and we are all looking for a cool, shady spot to relax and beat the heat indoors.

DIY ideas for an outdoor bar

The weather is warming up and it's time to start planning for summer outdoors. We put together a collection of ideas for a DIY outdoor bar.

Build a concrete firepit

With chilly evenings heading our way here's how to build a simple concrete firepit that will add a dash of style to an outdoor patio, while warming up cold nights in the garden. This project is easy enough to complete in a weekend.

Woodoc water-borne deck sealer

Woodoc have done it again, with a range of Woodoc water-borne exterior sealers that offer maximum protection for decks and exterior timber.

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Pave outdoor entertainment area

The newly paved outdoor area is designed to provide more open space for seating and raise the level of the ground to allow for water drainage problems.

Turn outdoor areas into living spaces

Transform outdoor areas into comfortable living spaces using decor accessories and recycled materials and some DIY savvy.

Turn a carport into a stylish patio

Whether you renovate an existing carport into a patio or decide to have a basic carport erected, the simple design of a carport allows you to set up an easy patio area in a small or large garden.

How to fit a shade sail !

So, I rushed out and bought a shade sail at my local Builders Warehouse, only to find that the sail was far too small and didn't even offer shade over the area that needed to be covered.

I made my own outdoor patio furniture!

A few months back I featured an article on making your own designer patio furniture. I did mention that this was my dream patio suite and that I would be making my own patio furniture when time allowed and I have now completed the sofa part of the suite.

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Transform a plain patio into a stunning space

When you haven't nothing more than a concrete slab for a patio, it's nice to know that there is something you an do to transform the space into a lovely outdoor area that has everything you need to sit outdoor during the spring and summer months.

Make the most of your outdoor living areas

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and looks like it will be the same today, and made me realise just how lucky we are to have weather that allows us to spend a great deal of time outdoors.

Decorate your outdoor living spaces

Spring is almost upon us and warmer days are not far away. If you have ideas for your outdoor spaces, now is the time to get cracking. Turn that boring outdoor area into a relaxing spot to laze away summer days or entertain on balmy evenings.

Multi-level DIY deck

A courtyard with concrete slab floor was transformed from a dull and dreary outdoor area into a multi-level entertainment space. The entire project involved a DIY deck installation using pine wood planks in two widths and on varying levels.

DIY designer patio furniture

Forget my last feature for DIY outdoor furniture, this is definitely one garden suite that I want to build. The outdoor patio suite probably costs a small fortune but is a simple DIY project that anyone could tackle.

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Add a paved patio area

If you don't already have a paved or concrete patio, using cement paving bricks, clay bricks, or even reclaimed bricks, is an affordable and reasonably easy project that can be done in a weekend - or two - tops!

End-of-summer entertaining ideas

As we head towards autumn and the weather starts to cool down, set up your garden for an afternoon or evening's get together with family or friends.

Shady ideas for a patio

When the hot summer sun beats down you need a place to take respite that's cool and relaxing. A structure, whether fixed or freestanding, natural or constructed, should provide enough shade to cool down your guests or family and stay out of the sun's harmful UV rays.

Transform a deck or patio for entertaining

Transform a deck for patio into the ultimate outdoor space for your family - or for entertaining friends. With some DIY creativity you can create the ultimate outdoor space.

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Make the most of your small balcony

Living in a flat or townhouse might only offer a small balcony to sit outdoors and enjoy the sun, but that doesn't mean that you can't make the most of the space. Even a tiny balcony that only seats two - at a squeeze - can still be dressed up and made comfortable.

Simple, affordable pergola design

Browse the Internet and you will find plenty of projects that show you how to build a pergola, some of which range from designs that will blow over in the wind.

Get your deck in shape for the holidays

Wood needs a regular application of nourishing treatments to protect and preserve, so here's how to get your wood deck looking good for the holidays.

Flooring options for patio or outdoor dining

Choosing the right floor for your patio or entertainment area can be as difficult as selecting the right flooring for your home interior. With any flooring choice their are pros and cons as to durability, maintenance, appearance and safety.

Set the outdoor table for alfresco dining

Warm summer days and cool evenings normally mean family gatherings or lunch or dinner with friends. Decorate and prepare a beautiful table for your family or guests with alfresco dining infused with colour and atmosphere.

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Balcony becomes added living space

A medium or large size balcony can be decorated to provide additional living space. Use your imagination to design an outdoor living area that fits within the space and provides comfortable seating and a place to relax in the cool evenings.

Practical outdoor structures

Today's outdoor areas are more than just a walk in the garden. They are just as much a part of house design as any room in the home. Small or large, gardens are being utilized for extending outdoor living spaces - and with our beautiful climate, why not?

Decking: Finish or leave unfinished?

Decks are becoming a popular choice for adding an entertainment or additional living area to a garden. But if staining or sanding aren't something you're willing to do to keep the deck looking sharp, you need to carefully consider your choice of deck material.

Decorate a porch floor with paint

You can use today's paints to transform any feature in a home and today we look at how to paint a porch, whether it's concrete or wood. We show you how to use Plascon Floor Paint and Plascon Velvaglo to transform a drab and boring porch floor.


Paint a concrete slab or patio

There's no reason why you can't paint a design onto a concrete slab or patio, in fact, painting concrete is a quick and easy way to update a boring concrete slab.

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Transform a garden shed, hut or wendy house

I have a garden shed, but it doesn't look anything like this one. My garden shed is packed to the brim with stuff that has nowhere else to go. But I love the idea of buying a ready-made garden shed and transforming it into a sanctuary for the garden.

Design a comfortable patio area

It might be getting chilly outdoors but now is the perfect time to start planning for that patio you've always dreamed of. If you start on the project now - your new patio will be ready for action as soon as warm weather arrives.

Patio design for a small townhouse garden

When planning or designing a patio area for a small garden take into consideration that sometimes less is more. With the right materials and clever planting, even a small patio can feel more expansive.

Build a beautiful DIY deck

Building a deck is a project that can be tackled over a weekend - for a small one - or over a couple of weekends for a larger deck. Making your own deck can save you thousands of rands and is not as difficult as you may think.

Simple and affordable ideas for table setting

With the holidays soon upon us, I thought it might be nice to have a feature on simple, yet elegant, table settings that can be laid indoors or outdoors, depending upon the weather.

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Options for patio roof

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. You've already realised that it's time to put a roof on the patio so that you can spend more time outdoors. But what roof options are there...?

Relax outdoors in a daybed

What could be more luxurious than having a daybed to relax on when it's sunny and hot. You can design and build your own daybed using a variety of materials. If you have welding experience, you can design a bed using square or round steel.

Build a basic deck

Not only gorgeous to look at, building your own freestanding deck allows you to set up an entertainment area wherever you like, without having to spend money on plans and waiting months for approval.

Creative with plywood

Having to host a large party at home, Roberto Gil decided to get creative rather than hire an expensive marquis for the event. He built an enclosure out of marine plywood and transparent plastic sheet.

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Maintain a timber deck

When the rainy season is over, this is the perfect time to tackle maintenance and repairs that need to be done, and while it is true that maintenance can be labour intensive, with the right equipment and the proper products on hand you can easily tackle this project over a weekend.

Extend your summer living

South Africans are lucky enough to have beautiful weather for most of the year, and it makes sense to use whatever space is available outdoors to not only take advantage of this, but also to extend living spaces.

Build a deck in a day

Here's how to build your own deck. My new deck took approximately two weeks from start to finish and came in at well under R10,000 for a complete entertainment area that is covered and decorated.

Paint a rug on a dated deck

Add some colour to your deck or patio and add a painted rug. you wanna spice up a dining area on your deck you might want to place a rug there. Although not many rugs can survive there for long. The best way is to paint a rug there. Here is what you’ll need for such project:

Design an affordable outdoor retreat

Creating a separate space in the garden gives you a great getaway for work, hobbies, or just some piece and quiet.

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High style - low maintenance gardens

It's the time of the year when spending time outdoors is getting a bit on the chilly side, but it's a great time to think about the spring and summer months ahead.

Decorate a balcony

For many townhouse and flat dwellers, spending time in the garden is a tiny shaded balcony that overlooks a neighbour's balcony or garden. There are ways to make the space feel more welcoming and private, and here are some ideas to help you:

Merge outdoors and indoors

Want to create a room that blends seamlessly with the garden beyond? Doing so will make your interior space feel bigger, brighter and contemporary - and it will draw attention to your garden beyond, too.

Extend your living space

If your home does not have the luxury of large, open living spaces look to the garden to add on to your home. This is definitely a more affordable option than building extra rooms.

Minimalist garden with high style

The moment I saw this courtyard garden I fell in love! Designed by talented architects from Ong & Ong Singapore, this is a stunning, truly breathtaking property - with everything designed to perfection.

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Deck in need of some TLC?

Refinishing your deck regularly, usually every eight to twelve months, avoids cracking and splintering of the wood, keeping the surface of the deck attractive and safe. Check out Woodoc's guidelines for refinishing a deck.

Give your deck a makeover

Exposed to extreme climate, excess moisture and exposure to harsh UV sunlight, your deck can easily become worn and faded. But you can transform your deck in no time at all, by performing annual maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.

Faux stone patio

Concrete is a sturdy and durable floor for a patio, but it’s certainly not charming. Learn how to transform your concrete slab into a faux-stone living space.

Outdoor Rugs: How To Choose The Best One

Tie all your garden accessories together with an outdoor rug.

Creative Patio Ideas to Transform Your Back Yard

It is possible to transform any backyard or patio space into something that can make the entire home space more enjoyable.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pellet Grill

With a good pellet grill you can smoke your food to mouth-watering flavors that will not only make you feel like you’re a child again but make loving memories with the entire family.

Design the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

We are going to share some tips that will help you make your outdoor living space the go-to attraction this summer.

Best Ways To Design Your Patio For The Summer

One of the coolest things you can do is designing a patio for summertime, and it’s something your guests will instantly notice.

5 Effective Pointers While Choosing A Leaf Blower

You may buy the best garden leaf blower, but you can’t reap the benefits if you don’t know how to use it.

Features of Composite Wood

With the advent of sophisticated production technology and innovative design concepts, you may have many options to create the deck of your dreams.

How To Maintain Your Composite Decking

In this article, you will find some top tips to help you keep your composite decking in the best shape for years to come.

Simple Tricks on Repairing Cracked Concrete

We’re going to show you what to do if you have cracks in your concrete and how to fix them.

5 Essentials for Your Outdoor Living Space

To make your garden more comfortable, here are a few must-haves to add to the space.


A Homeowner's Guide to Deck Building

Here is everything you need to know to have a deck built.

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