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Beautiful Sunrooms and Garden Rooms

Having the space for a dedicated sunroom or garden room allows you to take advantage of our beautiful weather all year round.



If you are considering adding on or improving an existing area, we offer some tips on setting up a sunroom or garden room to take advantage of our beautiful weather - all year round.

Today's sunroom and garden rooms are just as much a part of your living space as a living room or dining room. These rooms allow you to entertain or relax, add floor space to a home, and increase the value of a property. As an extension of your existing living spaces, sunrooms or garden rooms can be decorated to blend seamlessly with your home interior, or add a new element into the mix. There are so many options for adding a sunroom or garden room and we put together a selection of the best ideas we could find.



Let in Light

Whether you are adding on a sunroom, garden room or conservatory, you want this to be a room where you can take full advantage of the view and also make use of the space all year round. These rooms generally tend to have windows on all three walls, or floor-to-ceiling windows, or even folding windows that allow you to flow easily from indoors to the garden your entertainment area.

Having said that, something to bear in mind when planning the room is the orientation - whether the room receives full sunlight during the day or only in the morning/afternoon. Our summers can get very hot and a room with windows all round can also heat up. You might want to consider suitable window treatments to control the amount of light in the room. Think window shutters, Roman blinds or vertical blinds, or look at installing security shutters for both light control and security. Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse) offer a wide selection of window treatment options for every room in a home.

Increase Living Space

A sunroom or garden room, whether completely enclosed or semi-open, can offer extra living space, and even serve as a family room or den. As such, it can be fitted out with furniture and fittings that you would normally include in a living room. Think carpet or rugs, window treatments, and light fittings that reflect the style of the room.

Furniture for this room should be comfortable, although you may need to shop around for outdoor furniture if the room is not closed off from the elements.

Another factor to consider is the installation of power outlets. If you plan of using this room as a living space you might want to add floor lamps, a TV, or media centre. Plan ahead to ensure the room meets all your needs.

Dual Purpose Sunroom

If the sunroom or garden room is large enough, you can look at a dual purpose room that incorporates both living and casual dining. Perhaps you want a sunny space to set up a breakfast table, or have a small garden and not enough space to set up and outdoor dining set.

If the sunroom isn't quite large enough for a full-on dining set, you could look at the option of designing your seating to accommodate both relaxation and dining by installing banquettes.

All Year Round

To get the most out of a sunroom, or even a garden room, look at options for heating and cooling the space no matter what the season. The installation of a fireplace allows you to make use of the room during the cooler months of the year, and also when evenings get chilly.

During the hot summer months you can look at window treatments to block out direct sunlight, or have windows tinted with a solar film, and also look at installing ceiling fans to cool down the room.



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