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Before you buy garden furniture...

Garden furniture might look the same, and you may be tempted to buy based on price, but here are some things you need to know before you buy.


Lasting comfort

When shopping for outdoor furniture you'll want to shop for furniture that is comfortable - where you can relax and entertain outdoors. Too often people buy outdoor furniture based on price and end up with furniture that is manufactured using cheaper materials. This isn't immediately obvious when selecting furniture designs, but after a few months you'll have cushions that sag and fabrics that fade.

GOOD TO KNOW: Fabrics fade quickly when left outdoors under the South African sun.

Weather resistant

No one wants to go hunting for cushions, or have to bring furniture indoors whenever it starts to rain. You want outdoor furniture that can be left outdoors - rain or shine. There is plenty of confusion concerning what is suitable for a patio, and outdoor furniture. When it states that it's only suitable for a patio, chances are it won't do well when left uncovered or outdoors for a long period of time.

For truly durable, weather-proof furniture shop for pieces that can be left outdoors - ready for use when you are!

Perfectly styled

Decorating an outdoor area is just as important as styling indoors. Advances in technology have made it possible for furniture to be manufactured using materials that can be left outdoors - in all weather conditions. From aluminium to glass -  and even upholstered furniture -  spending a bit more on quality furniture means it will last longer and look great.

Quality control

The South African sun is one of the harshest for UV rays on Earth. Furniture that is not designed to withstand the elements for a prolonged period of time will surely fail. When buying furniture for your outdoors, insist on South African quality standards - furniture that has been manufactured to withstand our local climate. 

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