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How to build a DIY deck

Building a deck is a project that can be tackled over a weekend - for a small one - or over a couple of weekends for a larger deck. Making your own deck can save you thousands of rands and is not as difficult as you may think.


There are a variety of timbers that can be used for building a deck: Meranti, Saligna, Balau, and teak are some of the frequently used and more affordable options.

How you treat your new deck is a matter of preference. You have the option to apply a glossy deck sealer, a satin deck dressing, or to regularly apply a maintenance product to nuture and maintain the timber in good condition, and that will allow your deck to age naturally over time.

When designing a deck you need to select a layout that will work with the area. In a large space you will need to install multiple frames for adequate support. Decking planks can then be laid horizontally or at angles - as shown above.